Week 8: I love a good list

Ah, my last entry; week 8. 

I could have just done what I’ve always done and reviewed a sci-fi and horror flick in my usual style but since this is the last blog of the semester I decided I would do something a little different this week.

I never really talk about movies in general on here and I feel like this is the week to do that since it is my last week. I have summarily decided to create a top ten movies of all time. 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany's 1

I want to be Holly Golightly. What girl doesn’t? Except I would never have thrown cat out into the rain. Poor cat.

2.  Night of the Living Dead

My all time favorite zombie movie. It’s a classic for a reason. Great plot, great acting, great camera work, good twist at the end. It really is a wonderful film all around.

3. Empire Records


This movie makes me laugh. I always wanted to work in Empire Records growing up. I have so many examples of why:

4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers


This is a truly scary film that does it in a subtle way. Donald Sutherland is amazing in this. This is hands down my favorite sci-fi flick.

5. High Fidelity 


I feel like Rob Gordon and I are soul mates.

And this has some pretty funny moments. Like this:

6. Mallrats


If you want a laughs, take in Mallrats. Jason Lee is hilarious in this breakout performance. Jay and Silent Bob are always funny. And what happens to Ben Affleck at the end will make you smile, at the very least.

7.  Ed Wood

Ed Wood

I like Johnny Depp ok but I LOVE him in Ed Wood. He does eccentric in a very pleasant and delightful way.

8. Pretty in Pink


If a man ever did this for me I would straight up marry him. Asap.

9. the Purple Rose of Cairo


My favorite Wood Allen movie. Though it isn’t his best known, it is excellent and somewhat less neurotic than his usual films.

10. Raising Arizona


Stick through this video – it is incredible and will explain why I love Nicolas Cage so much. And Raising Arizona.


Week 7 – Texas Bound & Movie Thoughts

This entry will be slightly different. Next Tuesday night I fly to Austin, Texas for an advertising function for work at CM Life. It got me thinking about this week’s blog entry and I came to a realization that a lot of horror/sci-fi movies are set in Texas and surrounding states. I’m not quite sure why this is or if there is some kind of affiliation with dry heat that makes people crazy. With this is mind I figured I’d put together a list of my top five horror movies set in the west coast.

5) Independence Day


This one is slightly different from the rest of the movies on this last in that it is more of a mainstream movie. It is set in Texas and focuses on a small group of people who try to save the world of alien invasion. All anyone ever remembers from this movie is when Will Smith punches an alien and says, ‘Welcome to Earth’.

4) the Hitcher


This one is actually pretty scary. It takes place in New Mexico as two young college sweethearts drive across country for spring break. They inadvertently pick up a hitchhiker who is completely insane. The rest of the movie is the couple trying to evade the hitcher who has made it his personal goal to destroy them and everything in his path.

3) Tremors


This one is also set in the west; specifically in the desert. It revolves around people in a small town banding together to try to stay alive while these large, man-eating snakes come up from the ground and kill one by one. Oh yeah, and Kevin Bacon is the main character. That immediately makes this a movie you’ll want to watch. Because Kevin Bacon is awesome.

2) the Hills Have Eyes


The Hills Have Eyes is about a family who takes a nice trip across the desert in Nevada and end up running into a family of mutant cannibals when their car breaks down in the middle of the desert. This is a Wes Craven cult classic from 1977. The remake from 2006 was decidedly more gory.

1) the Texas Chainsaw Massacre


This, of course, had to be on this list. It’s about a group of friends traveling across Texas when they inadvertently fall victim to a family of cannibals – most notably the chainsaw wielding madman Leatherface. The movie was actually marketed as a true story in 1974 during its release but it is actually a work of fiction based loosely on real life serial killer, Ed Gein.

Week six: 28 Days Later (2002)

Some people are highly concerned with germs and others fear catching colds – this movie is going to creep them both out.

You had to see this one coming, right?

You had to see this one coming, right?

Those of you who haven’t seen 28 Days Later really should – It’s one of my favorite zombie movies of all time. Possibly located in my top five zombie movies list.

This film takes place in London and follows a man named Jim (Cillian Murphy) around who recently woke from a coma. When he comes to in the hospital absolutely no one is there so he goes in search of people.



What Jim doesn’t know is that 28 days earlier there was a contagion outbreak at an animal testing lab. Some self righteous animal protestors snuck in the lab and attempted to free some chimpanzees. Seems innocent enough, right? Well, the chimps are infected with the rage virus which causes violence and well, rage, in its subjects. Naturally the animal protestors get everyone infected and 28 days later there are very little survivors.

You're welcome, guys.

You’re welcome, guys.

So basically the rage virus turns London into a bunch of zombies. You can always tell who is infected because their eyes go all crazy and scary looking upon infection.

Clearly in need of an optometrist.

Clearly in need of an optometrist.

So Jim eventually is rescued by other survivors. And just in the nick of time.



Jim and his two new apocalypse buddies, Selena and Mark head to Jim’s parent’s house only to find that they had committed suicide. During their stay at the house the infected break in and attack – wounding Mark. Mark had to be executed before the virus took over (in less than a minute).

It's a post-apocalyptic world - we're just living in it.

It’s a post-apocalyptic world – we’re just living in it.

So then it was just Jim and Selena from then on. They eventually run into a man and his daughter (Frank and Hannah) and invite them to try to make their way to an army base in Manchester. Apparently the army base had been sending out messages on the radio inviting survivors to come to their camp and that they could seek refuge there.

So, long story short, the four survivors make it to the army base in Manchester only to learn that it was a ruse and the army dudes intended to kill the male survivors and essentially re-populate the United Kingdom with the female survivors. They also had some infected people chained up out so that they could starve them to death.

Well, this sucks.

Well, this sucks.

Unfortunately Frank gets executed but Jim manages to escape and comes to rescue Hannah and Selena – which he successfully does, but not before letting the infected zombies that had been chained up out back loose to destroy the army base and its inhabitants.

Do not mess with these people. They run fast. Yikes.

Do not mess with these people. They run fast. Yikes.

In the end, Hannah, Selena and Jim make it out of Manchester alive and end up staying in an isolated cottage. The very last part of the film you can see that the group is working on building huge scraps of fabric to spell out “Hello” to lay out in their backyard (to get attention of any planes or jets flying overhead, of course).

Just as they finished the word “Hello” a plane flew by.

I'm feeling optimistic for these folks.

I’m feeling optimistic for these folks.

And that’s how the film ended.

The best part of the film was that it featured none-other than the 9th Dr. Who, Christopher Eccleston (who is one of my favorite doctors).



Too bad he played one of the army dudes. Yuck.



So yeah, go see this one. It’s totally worth it.


Week five: The Factory (2013)

I know that the Factory is somewhat different than what I started this blog to talk about but last Saturday night I was at home with a head cold I proceeded to have my usual John Cusack head cold movie marathon.

It isn’t as medically sound as cold medicine but it is as equally as healing.

Be still, my heart.

Be still, my heart.

So I clicked on Netflix and searched for John Cusack to see what all movies were available. Subsequently I stumbled upon a movie I had never heard of – The Factory. It had John Cusack in it and looked like a thriller so needless to say I was pretty thrilled to sign away the next ninety minutes of my life away.

That's cold medicine, right there.

That’s cold medicine, right there.

As the film begins it follows a man picking up a prostitute and bringing her back to his house. Back at his house he spies on her in the bathroom only to learn that she is a pre-op tranny. He stabs her when she comes out of the bathroom and then sits down to watch television – a news program broadcasting information about a serial killer who abducts prostitutes. It is obvious that the man and the serial killer is one in the same.

She had me fooled too, bro.

She had me fooled too, bro.

It cuts over to John Cusack’s character who is a detective actively pursuing the prostitute snatching killer and his female partner. She drops him off at home so he can spend Thanksgiving with his wife, teenage daughter and son. His teenage daughter, Abby, is fighting with her mother because she wants to spend Thanksgiving at her boyfriend’s house with his family. Her mother doesn’t approve of the relationship because she is only seventeen and denies her a Thanksgiving with her boyfriend.



Later on in the movie Abby sneaks out of her bedroom window to go to the diner where her boyfriend works. He ends up breaking up with her and she storms outside into the dark, snowy night. She ends up getting abducted by the prostitute serial killer. The rest of the movie focuses on John Cusack’s hunt to find his teenager daughter.

Super serious sexy.

Super serious sexy.

It turns out that Abby is chained up in the basement where there are two other girls that have been living there awhile. Both girls display signs of Stockholm syndrome. The serial killer puts wedding rings on all the girls he abducts and tries to get them pregnant. The girls who misbehave or cannot conceive are killed. We never find out until the end what the purpose of conceiving children is and keeping the girls alive.

Welcome home, babes.

Welcome home, babes.

Eventually John Cusack and his partner find out who the serial killer is and speed to his house. While the killer is up in the attic, the two detectives sneak in and eventually find a nursery where there are three infant babies and then the basement door where they hear Abby screaming for help.

It isn’t until the very end when John Cusack finds the killer and shoots him in the stomach that we find out the purpose of the babies.

Can I haz babies?

Can I haz babies?

John Cusack’s partner comes in to find the killer on the floor with Cusack standing over him. She shoots him and crouches down to comfort him. It is then that we learn John Cusack’s partner was the first girl the killer ever abducted. She is unable to have children of her own and that is the reason the killer abducts women and tries to get them pregnant; to give his first abductee children.

It was all me, bitches.

It was all me, bitches.

John Cusack ends up dying in the house and no one is aware that his female detective is in on the murders.

The very end of the movie shows Abby listening to a voicemail her father’s former partner left them apologizing for missing Cusack’s funeral. At the very end of the voicemail Abby hears a baby crying in the background and you can tell she knows the detective was involved all along.

The plot may be far fetched but it is was a really good movie.

I give it six and a half Cusacks out of ten.

I give it six and a half Cusacks out of ten.

Check it out on Netflix.

Until next time,


Week 4: The Thing (1982)

People often talk about this thing or that thing but whenever I hear the phrase ‘the thing’ –  I think of this movie.


I'm pretty sure that guy needs a cat scan.

I’m pretty sure that guy needs a cat scan.

The Thing (1982) is film directed by John Carpenter and stars Kurt Russell.

But his beard is the real star.

And his beard. Mostly his beard.

The movie takes place in an Antarctic research center and begins with an Alaskan malamute being chased by a Norwegian research team in a helicopter. The helicopter ends up crashing but the malamute is caught and then they discover a dead body. They bring both the dead body and the dog into the research center. What the research team doesn’t know is that they inadvertently brought in a shape shifting alien.



And eventually the Thing starts transforming to look like the different researchers which causes panic in the research center.

Hey there guys.

Hey there guys.

After the thing poses as Norris and essentially eats some dude’s hands, Kurt Russell decides everyone should be tied up and tested to make sure they aren’t the Thing (this is done through a blood test).



Eventually they find out the Thing has transformed into Wilfred Brimley’s character and is trying to build an escape raft.

Don't stare directly into the beard.

Don’t stare directly into the beard.

Kurt Russell ends up blowing up the entire camp to destroy it and resigns to perish in the freezing temperatures outside.

Ok, the ending sounds pretty depressing but it’s actually a really good movie.

So do it. Do it now.

Until next time,


Week 3: Something a Little Different

People quite often ask me why I like horror and sci-fi movies so much. I thought I would take week three’s entry as an opportunity to address this (also I have two exams coming up this week and no time for movies – this will have to suffice).

Let me take you back to the first horror film I ever remember watching…



Doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo...

Doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo…

I was probably about six years old and my parents let me watch Poltergeist (1982) and granted it isn’t an extremely scary movie NOW but when you are six that shit is frightening.

Damn you  and  your excellent special effects, Steven Spielberg!

Damn you and your excellent special effects, Steven Spielberg!

I used to have nightmares about trees coming and snatching me up while I was trying to sleep.

He's snatchin' yo people up.

He’s snatchin’ yo people up.

While we can come back to calling DHS on my parents, let’s move forward.

I’ve always been drawn to the mystical, spiritual and other-worldly.

Also, life can be pretty fucking boring sometimes.

this is me pretty much doing anything expected of a normal adult...

this is me pretty much doing anything expected of a normal adult…

And while I’ve always had a slight problem with the suspension of disbelief in regular movies – horror and sci-fi movies are SUPPOSED to be extraordinary. That what makes them work for me.

Also, I just really like weird stuff.

Not this weird though.

Not this weird though.

Every time I sit down to watch one of my movies I am transported to another world and it’s like a break from the mundane, every day living.

And the worse the better…

Because I also like to laugh.

Because I also like to laugh.

So that’s my affinity for these movies in a nutshell in case anyone was wondering.

Now I have to get back to studying for exams.

Until next week,


Week 2: Army of Darkness

World meet Ash Williams.

Ash Williams is the dimpled, chainsaw armed protagonist of the 1992 comedy dark-fantasy film Army of Darkness.


Army of Darkness is the third movie of the Evil Dead trilogy (but don’t worry – you won’t be lost if you are just joining the trilogy at this point).

This movie begins with Ash Williams getting sucked into a time hole and getting transported to the middle ages (suspension of disbelief enter here). This isn’t any time travel to the middle ages saga – this one involves witches, a magical book and people rising from the dead.


So clearly those planning on watching this for the first time are in for one hell of a story.

Immediately Ash is captured by “Lord Arthur” because he is suspected of working for the kingdom’s arch enemy.  

Apparently the only way Ash can return to his own time is to go on a journey to find the Necronomicon and chant the phrase: Klaatu Barada Nikto (which of course he can never get right once he gets there).

So Ash goes on this journey through a haunted forest which leads him into a windmill where he gets in a fight with…. himself.


 Once he arrives at the spot where he was told the Necronomicon would be he discovers three books instead of one. He eventually finds the correct book but can’t remember the spell to send him back home so he makes it up. The chant he really said inadvertently ends up bringing the dead back to life.


When he gets back to the castle he forms an army to fight off the dead and eventually leads Lord Arthur’s kingdom to win the war between the undead.


The ending is different depending on which version you see. Some endings leave it at Ash’s victory and other is have the alternate S-mart scene.

Do yourself a favor and watch it.

It. Is. Awesome.